It's 1:13 and I'm awake?

Posted by on July 3, 2009

I decided that I wanted to watch some Stargate while I worked on some stuff for my Race for Cache event coming up in August. Well, that didn’t exactly work out the best as having Stargate on in the background was more distracting that anything. So, I turned it off and finished what I needed to get done.

So as it stands now, I’ve got pretty much all of the businesses lined up with just one left and I have to talk to my brother-in-law about it since it is where he works. Hopefully that will get resolved quickly. I also just sent out reminder emails to all the folks who went last year to let them know it’s happening again this year. Should be cool.

Part of me wants to go to bed and another part of me wants to kick back, watch another Stargate episode, and then head to bed. Truth is, it’s too hot in this office right now so I think I’ll go do the sensible thing and go sleep. Of course, with my luck, I’ll get into bed, lay down, and Megan will wake up crying needing fed. Heh. Oh well. That’s the life of the dad of a newborn right?

Went to see the new Transformers movie last night. Not as good as the first one but still a decent action movie. I can see why the critics hate it but I still enjoyed it. If you liked the first one, you should like the second one. Next movie I’d like to see is District 9. Looks funky.

Ok, I’m gone.

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