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Posted by on November 16, 2009

For folks who don’t watch or could care less about the show LOST, skip this post as it will have little meaning to you. Spoiler alert for Season 5 and part of Season 6.

Since the finale aired in May and we won’t see anything new until January, I figured I would post up a few things about my favorite show. I’ve been doing a lot of surfing on DarkUFO’s LOST site and reading a lot of the theories about what could be or might be happening in the new season. For now, let’s go back to the finale.

Jack was in agreement with Daniel that if they blew up the Swan, the plane would never have crashed and they would never have ended up on the island in the first place. Jack convinced the rest of the folks around him to go along with this plan. By the episode’s end, we see Juliet bang the bomb and from what we could tell, it went off.

The question everyone is wondering is whether or not time has reset and our Losties landed perfectly fine in a brand spanking new timeline.

I’ve read a pile of stuff and saw some of the Comicon footage and Jorge Garcia brought up a good point during the convention. If they simply “reset” everything by changing the past, isn’t that kind of like cheating and ripping off the audience? The producers agreed with him and asked that he trust what they were doing in that they were not going to rip anyone off.

That would imply that no alternate timelines exist and somehow our Losties survived the bomb going off. If that is the case, what happened? There’s a very interesting theory going around and I wish I could the original theory that this came from but I dug through a pile of pages and had no luck finding it. It has to do with what Jacob says just as he dies. “They’re coming”.

Who are “they”? The theory I read says it’s our Losties from 1977. The catch is that they don’t travel through time again. They’ve been on the island the entire time. They were actually already on the island, as others, when 815 crashed, and it was them who gave the others all the information they needed about the plane, the passengers, the crash, everything.

The theory is that Jack, Kate, Hurley, Miles, Jin, and Sawyer have actually been living on the island ever since 1977. The theory is that the bomb went off but the “energy” from the Swan basically absorbed the explosion and no one was really hurt (except Juliet). It forced them to build “the button” and the process began from there onward. Our Losties couldn’t stay with DHARMA so they fled and joined the others. In joining, they were brought to the template and either left there, or something else to be determined.

Their presence as others all this time would answer a few questions. How is it that the others have known so much about our Losties all along? They know because they’ve spoken to them at the temple and they gave the others all the info they needed. They may have even recommended to Ben to recruit Juliet so that things would happen as they are supposed to. Cindy & the kids came to “watch” Jack because they had seen Jack and the others at the temple and needed to see how things would play out differently.

The idea that our Losties have been there all along makes so much sense in many ways and would be a very easy and non-complicated way to explain some of the elements of the show. We know the “temple” has been referenced many times but we have never seen it. Is this the reason why? Have our Losties been there all along and we’ll only find out this season?

If you’ve read any of the spoilers for season 6, you know that there have been scenes shot for what would appear to be an “alternate timeline”. The plane lands safely and a pile of other stuff. The same theory that mentioned our Losties living on the island also said something to the affect that perhaps while they are in the temple, they experience life (in their head/dreams) as it would have been had the plane landed. Thusly giving them reason and purpose for knowing they were meant to be on the island for a specific purpose.

I’m REALLY liking this idea. I have no idea if it will turn out to be the case but at least it kind of keeps me active in the world of LOST.

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