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Posted by on January 5, 2010

Yesterday I released the news that I am publishing my first book this year. Well, this morning I figured I’d put out a few more details of what has transpired thus far and give you some details about the actual book itself.

Basically the book is done. I’ve written all of the pages and more or less all of the topics I wanted to cover are there and last night it was more about formatting. I’ve done some research and am doing my best to format the book as best I can so that when it goes to press, it looks somewhat decent. I have a little bit more work to do, but it is about 90% done and I am hoping to officially “release” the book before the end of this month.

Along with formatting, I also had to write the back cover for the book which proved to be a bit of a challenge, especially given the subject matter I am discussing. What is that exactly? I’ll re-post what I wrote for the back of the book.

Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? How do I know what I should do when I need to decide something important?

These are all questions every human being has asked and religion has tried countless times to try and answer them only to leave the logical minded behind. Science has attempted to explain our origins and purpose to satisfy those who aren’t able to make a leap of faith, only to leave us without a real sense of purpose.

Within these pages, you’ll find a “gut theory” which bridges the gap between science and faith by examining the one thing that neither side can deny: human instinct.

Gut Theory attempts to explain the nature of human existence by implying that one’s “gut” is in fact the driving force behind your life. That instinctual feeling that everyone experiences is actually your inner voice that tells you exactly what you need to know in order to make the right decisions in your daily lives.

If you’ve ever wanted to believe in something, but most religions seemed to “confined”, or perhaps only logic makes the most sense to you but leaves you feeling alone in the universe, Gut Theory will provide you with an answer that will allow you to lead a happy and fulfilling life, whether you are a believer or not.

If you’re someone who believes in the typical “God” that we hear about, then Gut Theory will challenge you to think of God as something else entirely. If you’re more of the evolutionist and think that the idea of God is somewhat silly and preposterous, then Gut Theory will seem like a more logical point of view with regards to how mankind as a species was intended to operate.

It’s not “preachy” in that there is no judgement in anything that I have written. It’s merely my “theory” based on my own experiences. Over the past 10 years I have noticed how much my “gut” has played a role in the successes and failures in my own life. A few months ago, I decided that I should try and write down everything that I felt and thought and when I was done, I realized there was a lot of material there. I also wondered that maybe others might feel the same way I did and could use some of what I have written as a guide. So, I organized it into something that could be read as a book, and Gut Theory was born.

My next step is to finalize the formatting and get the cover to look the way I want and then it’s off to release it.

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