Coming along nicely

Posted by on January 11, 2010

Tonite Tamara has an appointment for work so I took some time to finish off some stuff on my book. Truth is, I was sure I was done with all of the text for the inside, but on the way home from work today I had a few ideas that I wanted to express and so tonite I sat down and wrote it all out. Not sure exactly where I am going to put it within the book’s pages but I will find a spot. It’s probably the most anti-religious piece of the book’s text but it was definitely something I felt was necessary to be included.

Speaking of the book, I launched the book’s website tonite as well. It’s merely another WordPress blog with some basic pages about what the book details but it’s all I really need. I didn’t want some fancy thing with tons of flashing lights and sounds. I just wanted a very basic site that I could maintain easily and point people to if they were interested in the book. I also created an online forum for people to discuss their thoughts on the book, as well as other “life” stuff. Obviously right now there’s nothing there, and maybe it will remain that way but I figured it was a good way to have people talk about what they’ve read.

As it stands right now, I am looking to have the book officially completed before this weekend. My plan is to hopefully have everything completed so that I can order a proof copy and look it over before officially “releasing” it for folks to get themselves. At first, it will only be available through my account but within a month or so, you’ll see it on the larger retailers such as Amazon.Com and others.

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