My second book is in progress already

Posted by on January 13, 2010

So I’ve already mentioned the fact that my first book is almost finished (just waiting for the proof copy to arrive before I “release” it to the public), but what I failed to also add is that my second book is in progress as well. Admittedly though, the second book is much easier to put together in some regards than the first since most of the material was written more than 10 years ago.

When I first decided to try and write Gut Theory, I was going to use this other material as a way to “test” whether or not I liked how things came out from As it turns out, I didn’t need to do that after all. So it left me with the decision as to whether or not I would continue with my other project or not. I have decided that I do intend to complete the other book.

What is the other book? The other book is something that I decided I wanted to do once I knew that self-publishing was actually this easy. I wanted to produce a digest of VAJ Magazine.

For 15 issues, I did a LOT of writing. I still have all of the issues of the magazine (although #3 & #5 are missing at the moment but I know I have them in a box somewhere) but I wanted to put it all together in something a lot more substantial. I decided that since I still had everything in electronic format anyway, it wouldn’t take much to reformat it, and stick it in a book. I could put the book on my shelf and have it as a more stable showcase of some of my past work. Plus, I thought that maybe some of the guys might also want to have some of that stuff. Maybe not, but why not find a way to keep it in a good format.

So, I have all of the material in a single document and have been picking away at the formatting a bit. I’d say more than half of it is done and as soon as I finish the basics, then I just have to dump it into a Lulu template, clean it up, and it’s ready to go. This particular book has no deadline so I’m not really pushing it as hard. My other one doesn’t have a deadline either but I have given myself one because I want to make sure this thing is out and done by the end of this month. The VAJ book, which currently is entitled “Tribute: The Story & Digest of VAJ Magazine”, will definitely be out before summer hits but I have not decided whether or not that book will be publicly available. If I decide to release it, it will likely be available only through Lulu.Com and through my own website. I’ll likely just buy a pile of copies and anyone who wants one can get one from me. Former writers will get one at no charge.

It really looks like 2010 is going to be a year of writing for me. On top of those two books, I still actually have a fictional story that I started quite awhile ago that I would like to finish and possibly publish. The problem with that one is actually finding the time to finish it, and finding a way to tell the story I want without stepping on the wrong toes. Regardless, if that one ever comes out, it will be awhile.

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