Vendor annoyances

Posted by on July 21, 2010

I’ve been working on getting new vendors into this years race and let me tell you, I have been having more issues this year than any previous year.

In the last two years of races, every vendor I went into was more than happy to be included in the race as it was no cost to them and it was free advertising. Hell, people would be coming into their store and either buying something or looking at items. You would think this is what vendors WANT. Not this year.

I’ve had very little luck in contacting managers for one particular task and for several others, I got a lot of … concerns. One guy was worried that the racers would tear his store apart looking for something. Another guy wasn’t going to go for it because he didn’t like the idea of a lot of people coming into his store. Today, I got turned down by another bar who just didn’t seem interested in having folks come into their restaurant, buy something, and leave. The manager didn’t even want to speak to me. He sent some other guy out to tell me to basically go away and that they were not interested.

But the one that irritated me the most was The Manhattan Bar & Grill. I have gone to this place on many occasions to see a ton of different shows. I’ve even helped a band get set up there. I love that place in how it treats its local musicians. But when it comes to trying to get them to go along with something like my race, forget it.

I went in and asked to speak to the manager. This waitress told me that they had different managers and wanted to know what I wanted them for. She refused to give me any names of any manager and just wanted info. I told her about my race and said I wanted to have folks come in and buy a special drink. She told me that she didn’t think the managers would be interested in it because it wouldn’t bring in much money but she’d pass it along and they’d call me back. They never did.

What irritated me the most was how she was so adamant about not divulging the names of any manager. Why? Are they illegal immigrants or something? WTF was that all about.

I guess  I’ve been spoiled by the vendor support of the last few years and I guess I was due some resistance. The vendor who thought his store would get tore apart did finally agree after some reassurance and the other guy did go along once he heard me out so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. It’s just a little bit more frustrating this year than previous years.

Hopefully all will go well and everyone will have a good time. 🙂

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