Almost 4

Posted by on August 1, 2011

My little man keeps getting older. What’s with that?

A few things of note with Dylan these days. He’s definitely the mellower of the two kids. He’s been a bit shy about being around certain strangers but he does eventually warm up to them. By strangers I mean people he hasn’t met before that I know (like friends of mine or Tamara’s).

He’s definitely not the most “tough” kid in the world. In fact, I think he’s more like me in that he’s kind of wimpy. It makes me a bit worried because I know where that got me when I was young but the reality is, I can only teach him to be the best he can and go from there. I know he will be fine.

He got stung by a wasp not long ago and now he’s a bit on a bug phobia thing. Kinda scared of getting stung but I have tried to explain to him that he just needs to be careful. Can’t say I blame him for being scared as bees and wasps freak me out too. Plus, he got stung by a wasp who ended up coming from a nest in Dylan’s castle that me and Tamara didn’t know was there. It is gone now, trust me.

Took him and Megan to Magic Mountain and they LOVE it. Haven’t had the chance to stay too long but we did buy season passes so we’ll be back as many times as we can during the year. They still love going to the beach. Dylan likes digging holes in the sand with me.

Took him to his first movie to see Cars 2 and although he loved it, I was not a fan of the movie’s content for a kid his age. It was James Bond in Cars format with guns and shooting and “killing”. Dylan ended up saying “I’m going to kill you” to one of his friends which we very quickly curbed and realized that it came from the movie. D didn’t know what he was saying so we made sure he knew that wasn’t something to be said. Definitely shows the influence of media on young kids. I’ll be more picky with the movies I take him to next time.

Lastly, he now likes to pretend he is Roscoe which is a robot from the Backyardigans. I don’t like the show but it is harmless and he loves it.

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