Closing in on 5 years old

Posted by on July 17, 2012

He’s going to be five years old in a month and a half. He starts kindergarten two days after his birthday. Where the hell has the time gone?

As he starts to get a bit older, I am seeing a LOT more of myself in him. It’s so funny to see his reactions to some things and how he acts because in a lot of ways, it’s like looking at myself. He’s emotional and does tend to take some things a bit too serious. but then he’ll turn around and be this funny and silly kid. So much like his father he is.

He’s a smart boy. He’s doing good with his counting and now his writing. He’s got his name cased but sometimes likes to write things right to left instead of the normal way. I think it’s just a kid thing but I’ll keep an eye on it. The boy can sure run and kick too.

I’ve tried to keep the TV and video games to a minimum but I think at some point he may end up with a video game system of some kind. Not because I want to plug him into it, but because a lot of his friends have them and we are starting to see a bit of the influence they have. I’ll control how much he plays them. I’d rather see him outside playing or doing other physical activities vs playing on a game console all day. I have heard other parents actually justify the use of video games as baby sitter and I abhor the idea. Kids need to play, not sit and stare.

He is going through a bit of a stage of missing dad. I’ve been traveling a lot for work so I am home a week then gone again. It’s hard on them but they will get used to it. Thankfully I am not gone on long trips very often. I do my best to make sure that when I am home, I give him as much attention as I can. I almost had to travel on the week of his birthday but thankfully that has been averted. The last thing I want to do is miss his birthday and his first days in school.

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