Super D turns 5

Posted by on September 4, 2012

Yesterday I spent the day with the family and celebrated Dylan’s 5th birthday. We visited his grandmother and took him to Magic Mountain. It was a good day.

He starts school tomorrow and for me, I’m not as nervous as I think Tamara is. I’m more excited for him as I can’t wait for him to start this new chapter of his life. He’ll be doing this now for the next 13 years and it’s pretty amazing to think that he’s grown this much so fast.

I will say though I was a bit disappointed with his birthday in some regards. I mean, he was more than happy. But it was just us. No friends, no family, not even his best friend or best cousin. Just the four of us spending it together. That’s not such a bad thing but for him, I felt a bit bad that he had none of his friends around. A lot of folks were either sick or just unavailable so it made for a smaller birthday. I felt a bit bad for him but the reality was, he didn’t care as he seemed to have a really good day. Guess it’s one of those things the parents feel that the kids don’t and in this case, I’m glad it’s that way.

It’s a new era and I am anxious to see how his first day goes.

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