Road Warrior Blues

Posted by on June 21, 2013

It’s 7:23 on a Thursday night and right now I feel like the worst father in the world.


The photo above was taken on Dylan’s last day of kindergarten and guess where I was? On the road, again. Not only was on the road, but on the road for the third week in a row. I’m currently sitting in an airport lounge waiting for my flight so I can come home, be home for two days, and then leave again. For the month of June, I will have been at home for a total of about 100 hours. That’s it.

It’s extremely rare that this sort of heavy travel comes to me but this is the first time in my entire career I have had to spend this much time away from home and when I saw that picture, I just felt like I should have been there.

I mean, I know I am not a bad dad. In fact, I know I am a good dad. But right now I feel like I’m turning into my own dad in that I’m never around. I should be in that photo with my wife and kids and not stuck in a classroom for the third week in a row.

I know that my work has me traveling and I also know that there are times when there is no travel so I have a lot of time at home, but right now, despite knowing these things, I still feel quite bad. I’m very anxious to get home, hug my kids, and enjoy every moment I have before I have to go again. Thankfully after next week, I finally get a little break from the road warrior status.

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