Cacher’s Corner Podcast – Episode 37

Posted by on September 2, 2015

This article was originally published on Cache Up NB. It has been mirrored here for archive purposes only.

Cacher’s Corner – Episode 37

This Month’s Topics

  • Mega Roundup
  • Caching In New York City
  • KNP Geocaching
  • The Scribbles

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Audio credits go to Project 322.


3 Responses to Cacher’s Corner Podcast – Episode 37

  1. HalfMoonCay

    Been to NYC twice. It is certainly different caching there. I found that people were so busy getting somewhere that no one looked twice at you poking around. In the city blocks my GPS had terrible accuracy but in Central Park or in the city where the high rises weren’t too….well….high it wasn’t too bad. My favourites were the virtual at Grant’s Tomb a bit up from the upper part of Central Park, the one by the world’s biggest chess board(general area of the UN) and the one in Central Park by the Alice in Wonderland statue. I wanted to tackle Bridges and Arches multi in Central Park but time just didn’t allow it.

  2. Nemodidi

    OMG. Repent! The lord Jebus made an appearance around 14:30! You guys are some important dudes. Who invited him over? Awesome

  3. Ma & Pa

    On our last new York trip we hiked all of central park and grabbed all the caches. It is a big park (50 blocks long by 3 blocks wide) so it was a long day.

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