A Plea to Harmony Gold

Posted by on July 13, 2016

If you’re not a fan of Robotech, or don’t know anything about it, skip this post. It won’t hold much meaning for you.

Please stop. Seriously. Please stop now and put your energy into something that fans actually want.

We don’t want yet another re-issue of the soundtrack.

We don’t want another re-issue of the shows on DVD.

We don’t want another “new” movie that is really just old material spliced together with a tiny bit of new material.

We don’t want more and more ridiculous merchandise that no one ever asked for (skateboard decks, really?)

We don’t want more convention appearances that make empty promises about projects that never happen.

We don’t want more news about a so called live action movie that was originally announced in 2007 but no one has seen anything actually happen with this.

Seriously, enough is enough. Stop milking us fans over and over again and actually PRODUCE something.

In 1985, I was introduced to Robotech and it literally did change my world. Robotech became a staple of my youth and prompted me to start writing my own stories within that universe. Even in my 40s, I still love that show and have been following the Robotech website since it launched.

But since then, all I have seen is a constant barrage of harmony Gold’s milking of the franchise. I can’t count how many times they have “released” so called “new” versions of the DVDs, soundtracks, and countless other source material. The same stuff packaged differently over and over again. Add to that a constant advertisement for their latest toys and merchandise to sell to the fans. I mean, seriously, who the hell wants a skateboard deck for Robotech? Is this truly what this company is focusing on?

Lastly is the constant sea of tweets about convention appearances where supposed staff of Harmony Gold talk about the latest Robotech projects, but never actually announce anything people want to hear about. In 2007 they announced a live action movie. It’s 2016 and still nothing has happened. Gee, I wonder why.

WTF is wrong with Harmony Gold? Seriously. With a property as valuable as Robotech, you would think it would be easy for you to produce something that is ACTUALLY NEW AND INTERESTING instead of a constant stream of retreaded crap.

I cannot fathom how this company thinks this is what fans want.

STFU about whatever new toys or DVDs, or underwater basket weaving devices you have for sale promoting Robotech. Get some gawd damned content made and put it onscreen. THAT’S what real fans want.

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