Seagulls is Finished

Posted by on December 13, 2017

Tonite at 10:57am EST, while sitting in bed in London, ON, Canada, I put the final touches on my second draft of my travel book.

Since March of 2016, I have been slowly picking away at writing a book about my travel experiences. From road trips in my younger years, to big vacations with family or even solo trips to foreign lands. I was inspired to write this book out of a series of conversations with friends and family about things I have seen and experienced while traveling.

My friend Andrea offered to proofread anything I put together and earlier this year I promised her I would have the book completed before the end of 2017. I’m 18 days early but the book is essentially done.

219 pages, 77,337 words later I now have a fully baked book waiting to be proofread by Andrea. I’m also hoping she provides some feedback on the content as well.

I’ve picked away at writing and editing this book for almost 2 years and with the second draft now completed, I realize that this work of mine is almost ready to be seen by public eyes. Once she’s done her part, I plan to do one last revision to create a final 3rd version which is the one that will be released.

How this gets released is something to be determined but my gut tells me that a traditional publisher is where I want to see this book go. 2018 is the year I will find a way to release this book and see if I have any sort of future in writing professionally. After having written so much on a single topic, it feels good to know the end for it is coming soon.

Here’s to seeing what 2018 brings for my book.

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