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Sitting on the Fence

It was about 6:30am when I woke up. The 6hr time difference was really wreaking havoc with me and so I opted to get up out of bed and go get some breakfast. I wandered downstairs to the hotel lobby and asked an employee where I could find the breakfast. Turns out they have a … Continue reading »

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A Massive Sigh of Relief

Earlier today I had what I can only express as being one of the biggest sighs of relief I have had in my professional career. I don’t talk a lot about my work. You can read my post about why that is here but today I am going to talk about work. I’m going to … Continue reading »

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A Feeling of Belonging

It’s now January 1st, 2018 and like many others this time of year, I’m recollecting the events of the past 365 days and wondering what 2018 will have in store for me. I do have some things I want to try and accomplish but above all else, I continue to struggle with my sense of … Continue reading »

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The Repercussions of a Blog Post

On January 20th, 2006, I was finishing up a class as 5pm was getting closer when one of the office admins came by my classroom and asked me to go see my boss when class was over. My students left, I packed up my stuff and went to see my boss. I sat in a … Continue reading »

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Seagulls is Finished

Tonite at 10:57am EST, while sitting in bed in London, ON, Canada, I put the final touches on my second draft of my travel book. Since March of 2016, I have been slowly picking away at writing a book about my travel experiences. From road trips in my younger years, to big vacations with family … Continue reading »

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My Other Life

It’s almost bedtime for the kids so we’re sitting at the table as they are having a little snack before bed. My son Dylan looks at me and asks me to tell him something about myself that he didn’t know. The first thing that comes to mind is a huge revelation which I have not … Continue reading »

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The Perils of Frequent Travel

As someone who has been travelling a lot over the course of the last decade or so, and to a lesser extent, my whole life, I have found that there are many things that frequent travelers experience differently than those who go on the odd vacation from time to time. This is the story of … Continue reading »

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The Toronto Story

It’s been an interesting week here in Houston because the wifi in the hotel really blows so I have been having to fill my time with other things to do. I’ve been working on a series of stories about some of my travel and spent the last two days finally finishing the revisions on a … Continue reading »

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Thoughts on Maritime Megas

A post came up on FB about where the next Maritime Mega geocaching event would be held. I responded with a long winded FB comment which I ultimately decided not to post. Here’s what I wrote: I’ve been to all four MM events, and was on the organizing committee for two of them. The discussion … Continue reading »

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Forgetting Why You Enjoy Something

Today was a trial run for a much larger trip.  Myself and three friends of mine will be taking a trip across the United States exactly 28 days from now. We’re doing a geocaching roadtrip across all 48 of the US states in 13 days. Today, four of us went to Truro, NS for the … Continue reading »

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