Computer Stuff

Computer Stuff

Apple has lost their mojo

The first smartphone I ever owned as an Apple iPhone 3G. This came out at a time when smartphones were still pretty ugly and basically useless. Apple had really taken the smartphone market and turned it upside down with what it was doing. The first time I saw the phone I was completely blown away … Continue reading »

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Getting sick of the Android/Google Vs Apple BS

Wednesday Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5. It’s no surprise. And given the amount of leaks that have been out about the product, it’s probably not going to be anything too surprising. Regardless, I’m reading through the news today and every time I turn around, I’m reading about Apple vs Android. Google vs Apple. … Continue reading »

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The story of Cache Up NB v2.0

Sometime last year, I don’t exactly know when, I decided that the geocaching news site I run needed an overhaul. The site had been running quite well for awhile but the truth was, I wanted it to look a bit brighter and a little less dark. So, the CUNB 2.0 project began. At first, I … Continue reading »

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Time for a change

Today I was looking at this site and wondering what the future holds. The truth is, I do not post to here anywhere near as much as I did at one time. Between work, the kids, married life and my own time, this blog tends to get left behind much of the time. I will … Continue reading »

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Tamara's computer horror story

Last week I was off a few days from work as I was feeling under the weather. Truth be told, I’m still feeling like crap but I can’t very well take 2 weeks off work to be sick now can I? Anyway, during one of my sick days, Tamara comes to me and tells me … Continue reading »

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I guess the cat is out of the bag

I think I mentioned in a previous post about how I was considering starting a new site for geocaching in New Brunswick. Well, I did start one and it’s been up and running for a few weeks now. Just been trying to get all of the content ready to go and make sure the site … Continue reading »

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February 2010 Bobcast

It’s been awhile folks but here we are with another Bobcast; the first of 2010. Bobcast includes geocaching stuff, travel, work, LOST, blood, poop, and a bit more. Check it out here. February 2010 Bobcast Music credits go to Faith No More, Metallica, and Larry Leblanc.

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Login to Bobsroom using your Twitter account

So over the course of the last hour or so, I have been racking my brain trying to get some 3rd party login connections available for this site. I have hit up several that allow you to “connect” via pretty much everything under the sun, but the ones that seem to have the multi-site functionality, … Continue reading »

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The evolution of storage

Saw this on Gizmodo and thought it was pretty cool. Definitely interesting to see how things have changed over time. Click on the image for a full size version. In other news, I spent the better part of today in bed since I was feeling crappy. Actually that’s not entirely true. I spent 3 hours … Continue reading »

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A whole pile of things

I figured while I have a few minutes, I’d sit down and post an update of all things Matt. Today is Dylan’s birthday so I suspect I’ll do a post about him on his site later but for now, I’ve had a pile of stuff going on lately so here’s some of it to share. … Continue reading »

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