Weird Things

Weird Things

Wanting it to be more than just…

Update: January 3rd, 2017 I found myself laying in the tub the other night (yes I have baths. It’s relaxing and helps me think) and after I dropped one of the bath balms into the water, I watched as it fizzed and began to dissolve. In a way, I started thinking about that ball of … Continue reading »

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Happy New Year

Well here we are. Another year gone by and another year started. 2011 has begun and let me tell you, the time off was WELL deserved and enjoyed. For the first time in a VERY long time, I actually did as little as possible. I think there was at least three to four days of … Continue reading »

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A trip out west, and back in time

On November 29th, 2010, I boarded Air Canada flight 8931 and began the long journey that would end only two days later. However, what happened during that brief stay in Hollywood, California would remind me of a great many things, including how lucky I really am. Anyone who has known me any length of time … Continue reading »

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Unified Knowledge Theory – The repost

Found this post on my blog from about 6 years ago. It was a neat read so I decided to update it slightly and repost. Let me know what ya think. — In the 21st century, humanity tends to think of itself as being incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable about all things in the world. However, … Continue reading »

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Wedding proposal re-post

I’m in the middle of my regular morning news read and I come across this article on Gizmodo. Now, the main video itself was neat but also kinda lame at the same time. What I found more entertaining was this video in the comments which was a way better proposal I think anyway. Regardless, when … Continue reading »

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Online comments: The Good & The Bad

So recently, a long time friend of mine, Shawna Gagne, decided to run for the NDP position within Moncton West. It shocked the hell out of me to see that she was going into politics but hey, why not right? She invited me to join her NDP Facebook page and I figured it couldn’t hurt. … Continue reading »

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Do you know the story of Rebecca's Grave?

If you live or have lived in the Moncton area for any amount of time, you have probably heard the urban legend of Rebecca’s Grave. The witch who was buried out on Gorge Rd. I found a post on Moncton Locals that has the actual article about her. If you’ve ever wondered about the story, … Continue reading »

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Just wrote my "online" last will and testament

No. It’s not my will. I don’t have a will. I should have a will but right now I don’t have one. What I’m talking about is what to do with all the “online” stuff I have when I’m gone. Let’s face it. I’m not planning on dying anytime soon, but if tomorrow a piano … Continue reading »

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A sample of my "ramblings"…

So I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately and I think I have the jist of what I want to write about done. Now it’s all a matter of formatting and all that jazz. Hopefully, when it’s done, I have something decent for folks to read and either laugh at, or contemplate. Regardless, I … Continue reading »

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MDP is now in the Urban Dictionary

This post is specifically for Chris & Jason. Check out the following links. Methaldubpubicity, Spush, and Furskinges are now part of the well known Urban Dictionary site. SWEET!

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