Dylan turns 4

Posted by on September 10, 2011

It happened. My little man turned 4 a week ago today. Where the hell has the time gone?

Four years old for me is a bit of a milestone even though I know next year with him going to school, it will be even bigger. The reason I see four as a milestone is that four years old is the youngest I can actually remember being. I actually can remember being that age and playing with friends, living on 111Ave in Edmonton, going to the park, and heading off to school the following year.

Knowing that I can remember that far back, it puts things in a different light. Up until now, it’s been pretty easy to think that if something bad happens, or maybe I say or do something I’m not proud of with D, he won’t remember it because he’s so young. That phase has now officially passed. From this point on, I have to accept that memories made from here moving forward will now stick with him.

It’s not to say I do anything major or bad to my kids. I’m a good dad, but we all have days where our tempers are shorter and sometimes we snap, or we’re a little more grumpy than normal, and it’s that kind of stuff I don’t want the kids to focus on or remember. Thankfully, since these are few and far between, and the good stuff is FAR more abundant than anything not so good, so I think he’s in good hands to turn out well.

Next year at this time, he’ll have started school and it will indeed be an even larger milestone. Seems so far away but man, it certainly does go by fast.

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