Changing Yourself

Tonite I am in Miami Beach, Florida. It’s our yearly user’s conference and tonite was the final night with the big party blowout. Lots of people drinking, dancing, and having a good time. I found myself yet again, sitting at a table, watching people, and doing very little. In fact, I was kind of bored. … Continue reading »

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Wedding proposal re-post

I’m in the middle of my regular morning news read and I come across this article on Gizmodo. Now, the main video itself was neat but also kinda lame at the same time. What I found more entertaining was this video in the comments which was a way better proposal I think anyway. Regardless, when … Continue reading »

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Slayer Goes To Church

I posted this on Facebook but I had to put it here. I cannot stop laughing at this thing.

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Apple, Bell, and whatever else I think of

I’ve had a few commentaries I have wanted to make but I never seen to be able to find the time. Actually, it’s not so much that as it is I haven’t been in the mood to write much lately. Regardless, I try to keep up with the news around town and on the web … Continue reading »

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Do you know the story of Rebecca's Grave?

If you live or have lived in the Moncton area for any amount of time, you have probably heard the urban legend of Rebecca’s Grave. The witch who was buried out on Gorge Rd. I found a post on Moncton Locals that has the actual article about her. If you’ve ever wondered about the story, … Continue reading »

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Time for a change

Today I was looking at this site and wondering what the future holds. The truth is, I do not post to here anywhere near as much as I did at one time. Between work, the kids, married life and my own time, this blog tends to get left behind much of the time. I will … Continue reading »

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My six months is over

Back to work tomorrow folks… Yes six months have passed and I cannot believe it is time to return to the world of the working class. Man, let me tell you, the past six months have BLOWN by fast. Holy crap. It’s hard to believe that I have not worked in that long. So with … Continue reading »

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Screamcast 2009

Somewhat ironic seeing how I have been feeling the last few days. Be sure to turn your volume down a bit before listening to this. Screamcast 2009

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A whole pile of things

I figured while I have a few minutes, I’d sit down and post an update of all things Matt. Today is Dylan’s birthday so I suspect I’ll do a post about him on his site later but for now, I’ve had a pile of stuff going on lately so here’s some of it to share. … Continue reading »

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Hump day

I got up this morning knowing that even though I am on leave, I’d have to go into work for an hour or so. In fact, I shouldn’t say “have” to go in but wanted to. I got an email yesterday and made me wonder if something was up so I figured I better pop … Continue reading »

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