Pilgrimage to Seattle Part VII – To Sum It All Up

This article is part seven of a series of articles I am writing to share the story of my adventure to Seattle, WA to attend GeoWoodstock VIII and several other key geocaching locations. This part sums up the entire adventure and gives you the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else. In four days … Continue reading »

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Anxious for next week

It’s Friday and it’s a slow day at work so I’m taking a few minutes from my lunch hour to write out the latest… So let’s see, next week I am on vacation starting Tuesday. Tuesday & Wednesday are just regular days off work. Although I won’t be working for  Oracle for those days, I … Continue reading »

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My trip to Fredericton

The local geocaching community in Fredericton is very active with events and such so this past weekend there were 5 events being held over the course of Saturday and Sunday. As a show of support, I decided to make the trip up and stay at a local hotel and enjoy the area caching for a … Continue reading »

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My trip to pick up "Bernie"

About a week or so ago I asked Tamara if she would like to take Easter Monday and go out caching with me down in Riverside-Albert. She enjoys caching but has not had a chance to go out with me much in the last year or so and there was a specific cache that I … Continue reading »

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Out hiding caches is tiring

I spent a good four and a half hours on Saturday hiding geocaches out in rural New Brunswick. I had originally intended to hide them all along highway 126 every one kilometer. I decided against that since it was kind of boring to go in one single long line with very little to see. I … Continue reading »

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February 2010 Bobcast

It’s been awhile folks but here we are with another Bobcast; the first of 2010. Bobcast includes geocaching stuff, travel, work, LOST, blood, poop, and a bit more. Check it out here. February 2010 Bobcast Music credits go to Faith No More, Metallica, and Larry Leblanc.

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Possible changes coming for local caching organization

So for most of you, you’re probably unaware that within the geocaching community, there are associations that spring up which tend to group cachers from a specific geographical area together. They are usually province or state bound but in the case of this end of Canada, it actually consists of multi-province associations. See, I’ve only … Continue reading »

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A bigass powercaching trail in progress

Sooooooo after doing some caching with Hosford a few weekends ago, I came up with a good spot to create a serious “power trail” of caches. A power trail is a trail or area where caches can be found very frequently along the same road or trail. The Dobson Trail for example has literally dozens … Continue reading »

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A whole pile of things

I figured while I have a few minutes, I’d sit down and post an update of all things Matt. Today is Dylan’s birthday so I suspect I’ll do a post about him on his site later but for now, I’ve had a pile of stuff going on lately so here’s some of it to share. … Continue reading »

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Race registrations keep coming in

Last year when I did my geocaching race event, I set up electronic registrations to let people register their teams ahead of time. I believe two or three people did this and the rest just showed up at the start of the event. This year, as of this post, I have 10 teams who have … Continue reading »

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