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You know, sometimes it’s hard coming up with a decent headline…

Alrighty, so what is new one might ask? Well, I’ve got a whole pile of things to report on so let’s get to it.

Let’s start with the house renovations. The offices are nearing completion. The walls are painted, the floors are installed, the baseboards are being put in tomorrow and the electrical/phone/network drops will all be completed on Tuesday. I am expecting thatby the end of next week, I’ll be looking at moving my stuff into my new office. I am geting psyched. It looks pretty decent too if I do say so mysef. Can’t wait to get it all set up the way I want.

Major news in cottage world. Let’s start with the pipes in Grandma and our/mom’s cottage. Every year they get them flushed and ready for the new year. However, this last time, when the guy flushed them, he used a type of antifreeze which is used in RV’s. This ws flushed through the water lines along with the regular pipes. In doing so, he contaminated everything and depending on the spot, had we drank from the water, it could have posed a serious health risk, maybe even death depending on the person’s health. So, the pipes in grandma’s cottage had to be completely ripped out and replaced and the sme would be for mom’s/ours. However, they completed the work at grandma’s and then looked at the little cottage, and found bigger issues. The cottage is ready to collapse in on itself. The support structure is all rotted, the deck is basically destroyed, and the cottage is more or less just waiting to die. So, the word is that me and Tamara are going to work with my mom, and we’re going to ave the old cottage demolished and a new one built. Her renovator said he can do it for a good price so we’re making arrangements to get the financing and then construction will begin soon. I wonder if they will let me destroy walls 🙂 Regardless, it will be nice to have something brand new that will last for mom and then myself and my family. The cottage has always been part of life so I’m not going to give that up now.

Tuesday was a pretty insane day. I left the house at 8am and went geocaching for the day. I ended up snagging 46 caches (by myself none the less) throughout the course of the day. I basically went from home to Riverside-Albert where I took this nasty back road into the middle of nowhere and ended up in the middle of Fundy Park where I came out. Check out this Google map for an idea of where I went. I thought I broke something on the car cuz I swear I could smell burnt oil but I do not seem to be leaking anything. Thank God. Btw, Rogers has absolutely NO cell service east of Hillsborough. Nothing anywhere. That blows! Anyway, lots of fun and saw lots of neat stuff and even bumped into a few other cachers along the way. Will have to do another day like that again sometime soon.

SPOILER ALERT FOR LOST!!! Wow. Did you see the finale last night? Very well done. Interesting to finally see Jacob even though it still doesn’t explain a lot it did give some answers. I read an interesting recap of the episode today and it has been suggested that Jacob represents Good and his counterpart (the new Locke) is Evil and the island is a battleground for the upcoming “war”. Interesting concept. Sucks that you have to wait 8 months to find out what happened after that bomb went off. Definitely like season 1 when they opened the hatch but you didn’t get to see what was in it until the next season. Seeing as season 6 is the last season of Lost, it will be wicked.

I have now seen the new Star Trek movie twice and it is AWESOME! I can see that for some of the anal fans, people will gripe about minor things but I have to say JJ & his crew did an awesome service to an old story that needed new life. Glad to see that Rick Berman and that dumbass Brannon Braga are now longer part of Trek. Here’s to hoping this new movie kicks off new interest in it and we see Trek move in this new direction. AWESOME flick even if you were not a Star Trek fan.

I really should be doing laundry or something constructive since the house is so quiet but I am so exhausted that I just want to sleep. I think I will go clean off the bed, flip the TV on, watch some taped TV, and head off to never never land. Here’s to hoping  can sleep through the night.

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  1. Ken

    Wow, lots going on; coll that your going to get a new cottage but after watching so many episodes of Holmes on Homes on HGTV I cringe when I think of contractors; all I can say is do your homework and watch what they do and get it all on paper…

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