A Massive Sigh of Relief

Posted by on January 5, 2018

Earlier today I had what I can only express as being one of the biggest sighs of relief I have had in my professional career.

I don’t talk a lot about my work. You can read my post about why that is here but today I am going to talk about work. I’m going to be vague about a lot of it but I want to talk about how I have been feeling about my job.

Upwards of two years ago, I was becoming increasingly unhappy with certain aspects of my job. This continued to get worse and worse until an incident last January. I went through something at work that was very uncomfortable, and very upsetting to me. It was bad enough that I was ready to quit on the spot. I actually left the office and didn’t return for a few days because I was so angry. I have never been that angry about my work before. Even losing jobs did not upset me to the degree this situation did. After calming down and realizing the situation was not likely to improve, I found an answer. It was time to find a new job somewhere else. I had had enough.

Now you have to understand that for me, that meant giving up the work I love doing the most. I didn’t want to stop doing the work I was doing, I just could not longer continue to work within the circumstances I had been put in.

I can’t go into further detail without crossing certain lines, but the point is, I was really unhappy. Going into work every day was a chore and I no longer wanted to be in this situation.

Then May came along and the biggest cause of my issues were addressed via an unexpected announcement within my working environment. This change was going to take a few months and so I waited to see how it would play out. Today, I got my answer.

This afternoon, a colleague and I sat down with another colleague and had a discussion about what had been going on over the course of the last two years. I unloaded everything. I didn’t have to dance around the subject or try to be fair or nice. I was just able to tell it exactly as it was and how it made myself, and my colleague feel. I just kept rambling on and on and found myself starting to get a little emotional about it.

When all was said done, it was made very clear that the situation my fellow colleague and I had been put in would never happen again. I was made to feel more comfortable, and much more able to discuss my concerns with those in my workplace.

I was so happy and relieved to know that 2018 was going to be the start of a completely new kind of workplace and I almost found myself crying. I called my wife and told her how happy I was and that it could not have gone any better.

Sprawled out on my hotel room bed, I write this blog post with a brand new sense of excitement about what the new year has to offer, and where my career is going to go now. It feels like this huge weight that I’ve been carrying for over a year has finally been lifted and now I can really move forward.

Let’s see what 2018 brings me!

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